How To Use The Column Editor

The new column editor allows you to create and control multiple fields of information and then filter or sort by those fields. With the column editor you can add value or True/False columns, make columns visible/invisible, edit conditions for T/F columns, create column groups, filter by T/F columns, set column time frames, save/add/delete columns or column sets all in one simple window.

Access the Column & Filter editor

Click the Edit drop down button in the WatchList.

This opens the Edit Columns & Filters Window.

This window shows all columns that have been added to the WatchList.

In this window you can:

  1. Edit True/False column conditions
  2. Make any column/column group visible/invisible
  3. Add/edit/delete any column
  4. Set individual column timeframes
  5. Toggle on/off any T/F column filter
  6. Choose to filter by any or all filter columns

Check the individual chapters in this section to learn how to use each individual editing function.

Customize What You See In The Edit Window

The Only Show Filtered Columns option lets you to sort your columns so that limit what you are currently viewing in the Edit Columns & Filters window.

  1. Visible--view only the list of the columns, groups and stacks which are set to visible .
  2. Columns--sort columns, groups and stacks alphabetically
  3. Filtered--sort columns with active filter columns at the top, inactive in the middle section and non-filtered conditions (off) at the bottom.
  4. Time--sort columns by Time Frame

Understanding the Filter status

Filters exist in one of three states:

  1. Active--a condition(s) is actively filtering the WatchList when the blue filter icon is showing
  2. Inactive--the condition criteria are available (see criteria setting next to name of column); indicated when the square contains a grey dot
  3. Off--condition either has not been created or manually turned off; criteria does not show and square check box is empty

Click the check box to toggle between these states. (Alternately, in WatchList window right click on column header and choose the Filter flare out menu from the drop down. Select any of the filter states there.)