How to Choose Single or Multiple Filters

When you choose to filter with multiple True/False columns, you can see the results that either pass the condition(s) of ALL  the filters or ANY individual filter. Selecting ALL is the most restrictive because the results will only populate with the symbols passing all of the selected True/False columns. Selecting ANY is less restrictive as the symbol only needs to pass one of the True/False filters to be included in results returned. A filter removes all symbols that do not meet the criteria of the T/F column (leaving only the symbols that pass the criteria).

1. Click the Edit dropdown button in the WatchList

2. Click the radial button next to ALL or ANY options

  1. Must pass all filters--symbols are required to pass all filters at the current time.
  2. Only needs to pass any filter--symbols need only pass any individual filter selected.

3. Click the Filter Button in the WatchList Menu

This toggles filtering on or off. Active filters are not deactivated and inactive filters are not reactivated. Filtering is simply no longer applied to the WatchList. The active filters are listed next to the Filter icon (blue funnel) in the WatchList window.

4. Right click on the column you wish to filter with

Hover over the flare out menu marked Filter.

Choose the desired filter action.

  • Filter this column only--activates the T/F column as the only filter for the WatchList (deactivates any other active filter).
  • Edit--opens the editor for the T/F condition of that column
  • Off--turns off the filter of the T/F column condition
  • Inactive--leaves the criteria in place, but stops actively filtering by it
  • Active--actives T/F column as filter

5. Click the Filter name(s) to open the Edit Columns & Filters window sorted by Filter.

The sort brings to the top all active filters. In the middle section are inactive filters. At the bottom are non-filtering conditions (off position).