How to Drag/Drop A Column To or From a Data Grid

A data grid is a tool where you can gather multiple pieces of information in one window and view it for any symbol. You can now drag/drop a chart indicator to or from a data grid. You can also drag a WatchList column to or from a data grid. Here's how.

Note: the Data Grids used in these examples are author-created and not pre-built in TC2000.

Open the Data Grid

Click the Library menu button and choose Data Grids to open the Data Grid menu.

Select the name of the Data Grid you want to open and add information to.

Drag/Drop Column from WatchList to Data Grid

Click on the column you want to drag to the Data Grid.

Drag the indicator to the column/row position in the destination Data Grid.

Release the mouse button to place the column information on the Data Grid. (Note: if you drag a T/F column to a Data Grid, you will be prompted to choose Scan Column or Market Indicator Column for the Data Grid).

The column can be placed in any row or column position on the Data Grid.

Drag/Drop Column to WatchList from Data Grid

Click on the item in the Data Grid you want to plot on your WatchList columns.

Drag the item to the desired position in the WatchList column window. (An orange line appears at the position where the column will be placed on the chart. Choose any column position you desire).

Release the item to plot it in the new chart position.

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