How To Create A Tag Column In A WatchList

A tag column allows you to create an icon representing any WatchList and then display that in a column. You can now add a Tag Column to a WatchList window that shows whether any stocks in that WatchList are members of the tagged WatchList you have added. This can be done directly in the WatchList Window or from the Edit Columns & Filters window.

(Click here to learn how to create Tags for WatchLists)

Directly from WatchList Window

Click the Add Column button in column header.

Select Add Tag Column from drop down menu.

This opens your list of personal WatchLists. Click on the name of the WatchList you want to add as a Tag column.

Use type to search feature to find the WatchList more quickly.

The new Tag column is now in the WatchList window. If you have created an icon to represent the WatchList, it will show up next to any stock in the active WatchList that is also in the tagged WatchList.

Note: if you have not created a custom icon for the tag, a checkmark will appear instead. Click here to learn more about how to create Tags for WatchLists.

From Edit Column & Filters Window

Click the Edit button in the WatchList window.

Click the Add Column button at the bottom of the Edit Columns & Filters window.