How to Use The WatchList Manager

With the new WatchList Manager you can quickly add symbols to, remove them from, create Tag icons and open any Personal WatchList.

Open WatchList Manager

With the keyboard shortcut (hotkey): click Ctrl +M

From the WatchLists menu: click WatchLists in the ribbon menu and choose WatchList Manager

From the WatchList Dropdown menu: click the name of the current WatchList in the WatchList window and choose WatchList Manager

Right-click on any row in a WatchList: choose WatchList Manager from the menu

Add/Remove Symbols from any Personal WatchList

Any WatchList with an existing checkmark indicates the current symbol is in the WatchList

Uncheck the tick box to remove the symbol from a WatchList

Check any tick box(es) for WatchList to add the active symbol to

Features of the WatchList Manager

View the symbol count for each Personal WatchList

Click a name in the list to open the menu. Click Open WatchList to open that WatchList in a new window

Click Edit Name or Icon to (click OK to apply selected settings)

  1. Edit WatchList name
  2. Select an Tag icon for that WatchList
  3. Select a color for the Tag icon

Click Copy Symbols to... to

  1. Copy symbols to clipboard
  2. Create a new personal WatchList
  3. Add to an existing personal WatchList.

Click Paste to add any highlighted symbol(s) to the selected (or alternative) WatchList

Click Remove all Symbols to empty the selected WatchList (click Yes in Confirmation window)

Click Delete and choose current WatchList (or multiple WatchLists if you desire to remove more than one WatchList)