How To Create Past (Historic) Columns

You can now display the results of any True/False column and most value columns for previous bars. (For instance, columns set to a daily time frame can be shown for each day a condition returned true in the past--yesterday, day before, etc. Or an indicator, (e.g. Stochastics) can return values for any time frame (hourly periods; 15 minute periods, etc.)

Note: Past columns is a TC2000 Platinum level feature.

1. Right-click on the column header for which you want to create past columns

2. Select Edit from the drop down menu

3. Click the tick box next to Past Columns and set the number of columns to display

The current and past columns will show up now in the Edit Column window.

4. Adjust past column filter settings (optional)

You can choose active, inactive or off for the filter status of each of the columns (current time period or any/all of the previous time periods.) Click OK to apply past columns.

Remember: these columns can be created in any time frame for any condition (T/F Column).

5. Past columns are now displayed in WatchList Window

You can click to sort any of the previous periods to see the results for the WatchList on that date or time.