How To Use the New Sharing Menu

You can Share with and receive items from other TC2000 users through the Share menu. Items that can be shared are a WatchList, a Scan/Filter results window, a chart or an entire Layout.

Click the Share icon to reveal the Share Menu

The Share icon is at the top right of each TC2000 Layouts

Select which Sharing option you want to use

View items shared to me: Displays a list of all the items shared by others to you including date/time shared, what item you shared, and the URL used to share the item. Click on any item in the list to open it in your TC2000.

When an item is shared to you, the Share icon will turn yellow and be highlighted.

Share this layout: creates a URL to share the entire layout currently displayed

Select window to share...: creates a URL to share the any window in the layout currently displayed. You will enter target mode. Simply select the window you want to share by clicking on the Share Item icon in that window.

View Items shared by me: displays a list of all the items you have shared with others including date/time shared, what item you shared, and the URL used to share the item.

How Share works

Here's the steps you'll use to share something from your TC2000 to another person (or they will use to share to you).

1. Click the Share button either in the window you are sharing or the master Share button at the top of the layout.

Note: when sharing a chart you are given the option of either sharing the chart template (with all the settings and the ticker symbol) or simply sharing the chart of that symbol (all the settings but no specific ticker symbol).

A URL link is created to share the item. You can copy the link to your computer clipboard to message/email to someone or post the link to Facebook or Twitter.

When someone receives and clicks on the link: 1) if they are TC2000 Users, it will ask to open the item in their TC2000 and deposit it in their Items Shared To Me library; or 2) if they are not TC2000 users they will be offered the opportunity to download the software and view the item in the newly downloaded software.