How to Use A Data Grid

A data grid is a single window where you can gather many pieces of data that you would want to see on any symbol you are viewing. It can contain values, conditions, indicators, Fundamentals, etc. You can have as many items in a Data Grid as you would like and build a whole library of different Data Grids. These organizational tools can put a lot of information at your fingertips and make it easier to use on the fly.

Using The Data Grids

To access the Data Grid library, click on Library and choose Data Grids

From the menu, click on any Data Grid you want to open. (Note: there are only a few pre-build data grids. Click Here to learn how to build your own.)

The Data Grid can contain system information (1); basic stock information (2); technical indicator values (3); Fundamental values (4); T/F conditions (5). Each time you change symbols, the Data Grid reloads with the information related to the new symbol. Each Grid is a dockable window that can be attached to your Layout for ease of access.

Data Grids have been updated and improved from previous versions of TC2000 where they were called Reports.