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How To Add or Remove A Column In The WatchList Window

You can add any number of value or True/False columns to a Watchlist in the Edit Columns and Filters window.

1. Click the Edit dropdown button in the WatchList

To add a column(s) from the Edit Column & Filters window.

2. Click the Add Column Button in the Edit menu

3. Select Any Column Type desired

Column Types are:

  1. Value Column: contains a value for the particular criteria selected
  2. True/False Column: contains a condition(s) which results in a True or False response when a symbol passes or does not pass
  3. Tag Column: contains a symbol indicating that a symbol is in another selected WatchList

4. Alternative: To add Column Directly from WatchList Window

Click the Add Column icon on the WatchList header and choose the type of column to add.

5. Select the item you would like to appear in the column

In this example, we are using a value column and adding the Volume value.

Select desired column from list.

6. Click Close on Editing Window

Selected value column is now present in Edit window

7. Column has been added to WatchList

8. Sort by new Column (optional)

Click the column header once to sort in descending order; click again to sort in ascending

9. Simply click the x icon to delete an existing WatchList column

Click the x icon and then confirm in the pop up menu.

Use Ctrl + mouse right-click to delete a column without the confirmation window.