How To Scale a Dragged Indicator (PCF) With Price

When dragging an indicator or plot (created by PCF and scaled with price) from one price chart to another as an overlay, you will need to scale the indicator with price on the destination chart. Here's how.

Click and drag the indicator from one price chart to another.

Note: The example below uses a custom pcf indicator plot that places a purple dot above price when it has moved up 5 bars in a row and below price when it has moved down 5 bars in a row.

When dragging to overlay, note the square that appears in the middle of the destination chart. This is indicating you are placing the dragged item as an overlay ON the chart.

Notice the dual scale on the destination chart when you have dragged the indicator.

In this example, notice the purple dots are placed in the appropriate places on the chart.

Click on the indicator name in the price pane and select Scaling from the drop down menu.

Click the Scale with field and select the Symbol/Company Name option from the drop down. Click OK to apply.

This scales the indicator with Price and removes the second scale from the chart.