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How To Create a Streaming Condition Count Report

An Condition Count Report is a specialized Report that tracks multiple Conditions/Condition Sets simultaneously. Counts are continuously updated on a streaming basis.

1. Create a new Condition Count Report

Click the Reports menu button

Choose New Report

This opens a new, blank Report window

2. Click the Add field button and choose Add Condition Count

3. Add fields to the Condition Count Report

A. Select from the Library of saved conditions/conditions sets

Click on the item desired from the Library.

B. Create a new condition/condition set by clicking New Condition Set

The Dashboard can be populated from the current Conditions/Condition Sets from the saved library. Fields can also be created with new conditions/condition sets on the fly with New Condition Set button. Fundamentals, formula results, Indicator values, etc., can be added to the Report. Click here for information on creating conditions.

4. View Report results

Once the Condition Count Report  is complete, the items in the list will be continuously updated with streaming results. As stocks move into or out of the conditions of the Report conditions, the numbers will increase or decrease appropriately.

5. View symbols of the count

To see the actual stocks making up any of the Report fields, right click on the number field next to the item to be displayed.

Select View WatchList

This opens an tool window showing the Scan results of the selected Condition Count Report

6. Condition Count maximums

If the maximum of 15 items to scan is exceeded, the scan items over 15 will have a Click to Resume button next to the Report name.

To activate the paused scan, press the Click to Resume button. This opens the scan selector window.

Place a check mark in one or more of the currently running scan items to pause it. Click Continue.

The previously paused Scan item will now update and the newly selected item will pause.