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How to Create A Condition Column

A condition is a desired behavior of an indicator or plot (e.g. price at a new 50-bar high or Stochastics crossing its %D.) An individual condition or more than one condition can be combined to create a condition column. Adding conditions as a Watchlist column will place the column in the Watchlist and a checkmark beside each stock in the list which meets that condition.

1. Select the orange Add Column button to the right of the last existing column

1. Select the orange Add Column button to the right of your last existing column

2. Choose Add Condition Column from drop down menu

3. Select New Condition Set

2. In the Add Column window, select the column you would like added to your watchlist.

4. Select Add Condition in the Column box

5. Select from the categories of items to create a new condition

6. Select the item to be used in the condition

Use the type to search field to quickly access any item.

7. Click the Condition field to see the drop down menu

8. Select the desired condition from the drop down menu

9. Select the desired value with the value spinner (or by typing value in the field)

10. Select one of the four options to set the time the condition occurs

  • Now: the condition is true on the latest bar/candle
  • x bars ago: the condition is true the selected number of bars ago (e.g. 3 bars ago)
  • within last x bars: the condition is true suring the selected time span (e.g. within the last 5 bars)
  • x bars in row: the condition is true the selected number of bars in a row (e.g. 6 bars ago)

11. Select bars ago offset value

12. Select desired TimeFrame for the condition

The example used is MACD Histogram and is located in the indicators section. The same steps are used with any indicator or plot in the library.

13. Click Ok to complete the Condition

Click Save in the condition building dialog to add the condition to the Condition Library.

14. Click Add Condition in the Condition Editor to add the second condition

15. Repeat steps 4-14 above for each additional condition you wish to add to your multiple condition column.

Multiple conditions can based on different indicators, time frames, "now" periods, etc. Mix and match conditions to create a set of behaviors that meet your desired ends.

16. The conditions are added as a column with a checkmark beside the stocks in the Watchlist that meet that condition

Click the condition column header to sort by the condition and bring the checkmarks to the top of the list.