How to Use Existing EasyScans

EasyScan has always allowed you to combine conditions to filter a WatchList to show only the stocks that meet those conditions exactly as you have defined them. Part of the EasyScan was to select the WatchList to be scanned. In newer versions, the need to choose the WatchList ahead of time has been removed. Now the conditions within the EasyScan are treated as "Condition Sets" and can be applied to any WatchList on the fly. Let's walk through the changes in how scanning is done in the current version and how the EasyScans you have previously built are handled in the now.

1. Where are my EasyScans from previous versions?

Click the EasyScan icon in the main menu.

The New Condition and New Condition Set buttons are at the top so you could start a new scan with a single or multiple conditions.  You then see tabs named:

  • All--all of the Conditions/Condition Sets in your TC2000
  • My Condition Sets--Condition Sets (multiple conditions) you have created and saved
  • My Conditions--Single conditions you have created and saved
  • My Formulas--Conditions created by using a PCF (personal criteria formula)
  • Pre-builts--Conditions and Conditions Sets that were pre-loaded by TC2000

My Conditions are where you will find the EasyScans you have built in previous versions. They carry the names of your previous EasyScans. Just click the Lightning bolt icon next the scan name and choose Scan Results to run that scan in a new tool window on the default WatchList.

2. How do I set my Default WatchList to Scan?

Set your default WatchList: Click the WatchList dropdown and select from the WatchList library the list you want to serve as your Default WatchList to Scan. Anytime you click the lightning bolt icon it will scan that WatchList. (You can change this default anytime you desire.)

3. What is a Condition Set?

A Condition Set (1) is a group of conditions (behaviors) that seeks to find stocks that meet each of the individual conditions at the same time. In Version 18, the process for condition building has been streamlined. However, the conditions/condition sets themselves can be applied in multiple ways: Scanning, Sorting, Reports, Alerts and Trades. These conditions can be based on indicators, fundamentals, PCFs or pre-built criteria.

A condition set applied as a Scan to any WatchList (2) filters that WatchList to only the stocks that meet that set of conditions as defined in the Condition Set.

4. How do I Apply an existing Conditions Set to a WatchList?

Place a Checkmark next to Scan in any WatchList. This opens the Scan menu within the WatchList.

Select the Filter icon

Click the Folder icon to open the library of saved Conditions/Condition Sets (including previous EasyScan conditions) that can be used to Scan the WatchList

Select Scan Condition/Condition Set

In the Search field type the name of the condition(s) to be used for the Scan.

If you don't know the name of the condition(s) you can use the Categories to narrow the list and scroll to find the desired condition/condition set.

Select the Scan

Click on the Condition/Condition Set name in the list to initiate the scan in the WatchList.

Review Results

The resulting list of symbols will meet all of the Conditions that were set as part of the Condition Set. The number next to the blue Funnel icon tells how many conditions are in the Condition Set.

The resulting list of symbol will meet all of the conditions that were set as part of the EasyScan.

CLICK HERE for more details on editing conditions, refreshing and streaming scans, etc.