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How to Use Navigation Tools For TC2000 Anywhere Mobile

On your mobile device (smart phone/tablet) the Parallels client in which you run TC2000 Anywhere has a small suite of tools to help you navigate the program on the mobile device. Below are instructions for using this menu.

1. Locate the Parallels Client toolbar on your screen

The tools relevant to using TC2000 are discussed below.

2. Click the X to close the program.

3. Click the gear icon to open a small suite of navigational tools

Additional Keys: a single row of keyboard shortcuts added to the bottom of your device screen

Mouse Mode: a selection of different mouse modes that can be used in the app. Note: click on the desired mouse to set the mode. (Note: finger touch and mouse movement can both be used on mobile devices).

Desktop Resolution: adjust the resolution to get best display on your device. (Auto rotate works on your mobile device for TC2000).

4. Click the keyboard icon to open a keyboard (so you can type a symbol).

5. Click the tab icon to switch between applications on your device.

Swipe the toolbar (right side of device screen) to hide/show it.