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How to Use the Locked Log Scale (Custom)

This scaling mode allows you to place every stock you look at on a custom percent grid of your choosing. As you move from stock to stock, each one is viewed with your preferred percentage.

Example: Set the % to 5 and each chart you look at will be forced onto a grid where the lines are exactly 5% apart. One advantage in this example is if the stock moves up 3 gridlines you know it is a 15% move.

1. Locked Log Scale

Use the radial button to select Locked Log (Logarithmic). Locking the log chart means that whatever value you choose to Lock your chart scale to, that value will be for every chart you view in this mode.

Custom: This scale method allows you to set the percent difference desired between gridlines and how many gridlines you want to see. (In the example below, there is 5% between the lines and 12 lines showing.) The percent change shows in red at the bottom of the scale. (This will need to be done in each timeframe you use.)

Hover the mouse over the Custom Locked Log scale to tighten or loosen the chart.

In either Locked Log mode, the keyboard combination shortcut Alt + Scrollwheel will tighten/loosen the chart axis.