How To Link Scans, Sorts & Charts By TimeFrame

Timeframe linking allows you to connect different tool windows (e.g. chart, WatchList condition column, EasyScan, etc.) by time frame. When you change timeframes in any linked window, all connected tool windows change to that time frame. In any Layout, any windows can be linked by timeframe group(s). Multiple timeframe groups can exist in a Layout.

1. Linking Different Tool Windows by TimeFrame

By default, different tool windows in TC2000 are not linked by timeframe automatically

Tool windows can be linked/not linked by either/both symbol and timeframe.

To link tool windows so that the timeframe for multiple windows is the same whenever timeframe is changed, set your windows to the same Timeframe color group. Tool windows with the same timeframe color group will always be in the same timeframe.

To change a timeframe group, click on the T icon and select a color group (for each window you wish to share timeframes)

The yellow timeframe group changes chart when any timeframe is changed. The Grey timeframe group means that the window is not linked to another window by time frame

There are eight groups to choose from. Charts, Scan results/plots/stats, Condition columns and Option chains can be linked by timeframe. You can link symbol across layouts even on multiple monitors.

2. Changing Time Frames for Linked Windows

In the example below, all windows (Scan, Chart, Scan Plot, Scan Plot Summary, Condition column) are linked by timeframe. Each has been placed in the Red TimeFrame Link group (including the Above Average Volume condition column).

Tool windows can be linked/not linked by either/both symbol and timeframe.

Change the timeframe in any of the linked windows

4. Changing the timeframe on a chart within a color group will change the timeframes on all other charts within that group.

All the windows will sync to the selected time frame. (In this example, changing the timeframe in the WatchList Scan also changed the chart and condition column timeframe. It also re-ran the Scan Plot and Scan Plot Summary based on the newly selected timeframe.)