How to Open TC2000 Mobile in a Browser

You can now access your TC2000 in a browser. TC2000 Mobile is not an app. It is mobile access to your full TC2000 software with all its features wherever you are.

1. In any browser, navigate to Select Downloads button. Choose Run Web Platform.

Supported Web Browsers

2. Sign in with TC2000 UserName & Password

3. Sign in screen for TC2000 Opens Automatically

Enter your username/password for TC2000 in the sign in screen (if not automatically populated).

4. Click Sign In

5. TC2000 Mobile is now running in your browser

TC2000 for mobile operating in your browser will function just as it does on your desktop. You can access your TC2000 from any computer's browser (e.g. the Library, a friend's house, etc.) giving you freedom to use your TC2000 even when you're not at your own computer.