What happened to my EasyScan?

While optimizing TC2000 version 23, one of the things we asked ourselves was "What exactly is the difference between an EasyScan® and a scan column?"  The answer we came up with is nothing. It's simply two applications of the same function. Version 23 allows you to easily filter by any conditions(s) or sort by any true/false column. This article will show the changes between the EasyScan® in version 20 and how it will works in version 23. Any WatchList that has an EasyScan® applied in version 20 will have an identical filter applied when you open v23. There are a few slight differences in how these filters appear.

Here is how a WatchList with an EasyScan® applied looked in TC2000 v20.

This scan has filtered the US Common Stocks WatchList down to 124 items based on the saved Condition "My Easy Scan" in a daily time frame. The scan was last run at 11:35 am

Here is the same filtered WatchList in TC2000 v23.

The US Common Stocks WatchList has Filter turned on and has filtered down to 153 items based on the "My Easy Scan" condition. It was last filtered at 10:57 am.

To edit the applied filter, click on the Edit button

This opens the Edit Columns & Filters Window

The filter is applied as an (1) invisible True/False column that is actively (2) filtering the WatchList.

Click the eyeball icon to make the column visible as a true/false column in your WatchList.

Deactivating the filter will stop it from filtering the WatchList based on that True/False column condition(s).

You can also turn all filters on/off by checking/unchecking the Filter box at top of the WatchList window.

To edit the True/False column click on the column name. The condition editor window will appear allowing you to alter conditions and add or remove conditions.