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How to Validate Your Devices for Brokerage Account

After final approval of a TC2000 Brokerage account, the next time you open your TC2000 Software it will prompt you for a Device Validation code from an email you received from TC2000 Brokerage. Each device on which you run TC2000 software will need to be verified if you would like to access your brokerage account in TC2000 on that device. If you choose not to verify the device you can still use TC2000 you would just not be able to access your brokerage account information and place trades through the software. Device validation is in place to protect your account security.

The validation process is simple. When you log in to TC2000 on an unverified device and you have an approved TC2000 Brokerage account a dialog will appear in the software prompting you to verify. You will be sent an email that contains the verification code (see below).

To verify the device enter the code into the TC2000 software where prompted. Once the device is verified you would not need to verify it again unless you uninstall and reinstall the TC2000 software. (Note: be sure to scroll down and place a check in the tickbox below the validation code field if you want to trust the device in the future. If you do not place the check mark, you will be prompted to validate the device upon each use of TC2000.)