How To Export Trade History

Exporting trade history from a brokerage or practice account allows for analysis of the trades in any format desired (e.g. Excel spreadsheet). Here are the steps for exporting trade history. (Note: Export can be done from Windows application only.)

1. Select the Account for which trade history is to be exported

Click the Account selection drop down

Select the brokerage or paper account for which trade history will be exported

2. Click the Trading menu button

Click to open the Trading menu

Select Export Trade History from the dropdown menu

This opens the Export Trade History editor

3. Set Date Range for Export

Click the Export dropdown button

Select the date range desired

Note: Use Trades In Date Range to set a specific time span.

4. Select Export file type

Choose Comma delimited or Tab delimited with the appropriate radial button

5. Complete Export

Click Export

Set destination folder

Note: rename file if desired. Default name uses the date range selected.

Click Save to save the document to the folder

6. Repeat Export or Finalize

To perform another export, click Export Again. To leave the Export function, click Finished.

The trading tools work on either a LIVE brokerage account or a PAPER (simulated) trading account. Live market trading requires an account with TC2000 Brokerage (