How To Set Maximum Order Amount

As a safety precaution, a user-defined maximum order amount can be set. This will guard against accidentally placing a larger order than desired. Here is how to set the maximum order size.

1. Open the Settings menu

Click the Trading Menu button and choose Settings

2. Set the desired amount for maximum order size. Click Close to save setting.

Set the two Maximum Order Amount fields to desired values:

  1. Dollars: dollar amount to serve as maximum order size
  2. % Account Value: percent of the total account value to serve as maximum order size

When an order is placed that exceeds the designated amount prescribed in the user-defined fields, a warning appears in the order ticket.

Place a check mark in the tick box and click Place Order to submit the order that is greater than the maximum amount set.

3. Adjusting the maximum order amount on the fly

Click Edit Maximum Order Amount in the order ticket to open the Settings window and edit the order size settings

The trading tools work on either a LIVE brokerage account or a PAPER (simulated) trading account. Live market trading requires an account with TC2000 Brokerage (