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How to Open An Option Chain for a List of Stocks

You can not only view an option chain for any optionable stock symbol, but you can populate the chain with options from a list of stocks. Steps to opening the option chain for an entire WatchList are below.

1. Right click on the chart and choose Option Chain from the drop down menu

2. This will display the Option Chain for the current active symbol.

3. Click the ticker symbol drop down

4. Select WatchList with the radial button.

5. Click the WatchList drop down to select any WatchList on which to display an option chain

6. Optional: create a filter for the underlying stock WatchList using the filter menu.

7. This will display the options for the entire WatchList (up to 10,000 options maximum)

The options will be displayed on the basis of the criteria you have chosen in the option chain: Expiration dates; number of strikes; Calls & Puts. The number of options displayed can be seen at the bottom of the Option Chain.

You can also scan both the stock list and options it produces. For steps to do this, click here.