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How To Use The Trades Window With An Account

The Trades window is an automated tool that records current trades and creates a log of the history of all trades for an account.

Click the Trading Menu and choose Trades to open the Trades Window.

Review trades for the active symbol

To see trades for the currently selected symbol, click the All drop down arrow and choose Active Symbol. (Use the All Stocks setting to view the account trades/trade history for all symbols.)

Spacebar through a WatchList and the window will populate with trade history selected only on active symbols where trading has occurred.

View trade history

To see a history (log) of trades for up to three years, click the drop down menu next to Trades and choose a time span over which to view trades.

The window now displays all trades placed for the selected time span (e.g. this week).

Sorting trades by column values

Sort (rank) trades using any of the columns in the Trades window. The example below sorts all trades in the account over the last 30 days by P&L (Profit and loss). This ranks the trades from those with the best profit to those with the worst loss.

Click on any column header to sort by that column's data. The blue arrow in a column header indicates the sort column and in what order (ascending/descending) the list is sorted.

Add Sort Columns

To add more columns to your Trades Window, click the Add Column icon and choose Add Value Column for the available categories. (Condition columns and column sets can be created from this menu. Also, you can Replace/Edit/Save column sets.)

Use the Search field to type a column name and pull it from any of the categories. Click on the desired column name to add it to the Trades window.

Click Add Value Column to open the Library of available fields. The Trading Section specifically contains column choices that apply directly to trading. Simply click on a selected item to add as a sortable column to the Trades window.

Trade column definitions:

  • # Active Order--number of current pending orders
  • # Orders Placed Today--number of orders placed during today's market session
  • # Shares Bought Today--number of shares bought during today's market session
  • # Shares Net Today--number of shares remaining (number bought minus number sold) at close today's market session
  • # Shares Sold Today--number of shares sold during today's market session
  • # Shares Traded Today--total number of shares traded (bought or sold) during today's market session
  • Average Entry Price--average price at which stock was bought
  • Average Buy Price Today--average price at which stock was bought today
  • Average Sell Price Today--average price at which stock was sold today
  • Cost Basis--total cost of transaction including commission
  • Market Value--value of position currently in the market including increase or decrease in price from entry
  • Position Size--number of shares held
  • Today's  P&L--the unrealized profit or loss for the position today
  • Today's Realized P&L--the actual profit or loss from stocks sold today
  • Total Bought Today--total value of positions bought today
  • Total Net Today--total net profit or loss for position sold today
  • Total Sold Today--total value of positions sold today
  • Trade Action--bought or sold
  • Trade Amount--dollar value of trade
  • Trade Commission--amount of commission
  • Trade Exchange--name of exchange on which trade was made
  • Trade Price--price at which trade was made
  • Trade Quantity--number of shares in the trade
  • Trade Realized P&L--profit or loss realized with the trade
  • Trade Time--time of day trade was made
  • Unrealized % P&L--unrealized profit or loss from average entry price on a percent basis
  • Unrealized P&L--unrealized profit or loss from average entry price on a net basis

The trading tools work on either a LIVE brokerage account or a PAPER (simulated) trading account. Live market trading requires an account with TC2000 Brokerage (