How To Set Order Ticket Defaults

Order ticket defaults serve as a starting point for the settings of the Buy/Sell/Close/Options buttons. The settings of the Order Ticket Default are what will be placed in the order ticket fields when the Buy/Sell/Close/Option buttons are chosen. Defaults can be set for any or all of the Buy/Sell/Sell-to-close/Buy-to-cover/Bracket order types. Separate defaults can be set for Equities and Options. Here are the steps to creating order ticket defaults.

1. Open The Default Ticket Editor

Click the Trading Menu button and choose Settings

In the Settings window, select Edit Ticket Defaults

2. Set Default Parameters for Each Order Ticket Type

The tabs across the top of the edit window allow for default settings to be applied to each different type of order ticket. Set the parameters desired and then click the next tab to set for the selected order type. Once finished, click Close.

Note: Separate quantity options are available for Equities and Option Contracts. Set any or all of the different parameters available.

3. Change Default Settings on the Fly

Change the default settings on the fly for any order type on a standard order ticket by clicking the Defaults... buton

Choose Save As Default {type} to save the settings of the current order ticket as the default for that order type (e.g. Buy/Sell etc.) Those settings now become the new default.

Select the "Edit all ticket defaults" choice to enter the ticket default editing window for all order types.

The trading tools work on either a LIVE brokerage account or a PAPER (simulated) trading account. Live market trading requires an account with TC2000 Brokerage (