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How to Set Hot Keys for Custom Order Tickets

Setting up frequently used or favorite order tickets together in one window can give easy access to multiple approaches to buying, selling or closing orders. Adding hotkeys opens the door to one-click orders. Below are the steps for adding hotkeys to custom order tickets.

1. Click Trading in the Main Menu

2. Select My Order Tickets from the drop down

Choose the custom order ticket bar you want to work with.

For more on creating custom order tickets Click Here

3. Click More on any order ticket

In your custom order ticket bar, click the More button on any (all) order ticket(s) you want to hot key.

Steps for creating these custom order tickets can be found by Clicking Here

4. Click the Hot Key drop down menu button

5. Select desired Hot Key combination for that ticket

Hot key combinations can be the Alt key plus any Function key or any letter of the alphabet.

6. Click OK to set the Hot Key for that order ticket

Repeat the process for each of the order tickets using a separate key combination for each.

7. Hold the Alt key down to see the Hot Keys assigned to each order ticket

8. Simply hit the Key combo to open a confirmation and submit the order

Important: the order bar in which the custom order ticket is in must be OPEN for the Hot Key to work.