How To Copy Conditions to Clipboard

You can now copy any scan condition/condition set to a clipboard. When you click it, all conditions are copied to the clipboard. A paste button will appear to show you that conditions are available in the clipboard.This allows you to paste them into any function where conditions can be used (e.g. Scan, Condition Sort Column, Alert, or Report. The process is simple as described below.

*Gold or Platinum service levels required

1. Click the copy button in any condition set editing window.

The paste icon will appear when copy is successful

Alternately, right click on any condition and select copy. Then you can right click to paste.

2. Open any Edit Condition window and the paste icon will show in the new window. Click the Paste icon.

Example: Add Condition Column window

Alternately, click the +Add Condition icon and select Paste from the menu.

Note: Ctrl + C (copy) and Ctrl + V (paste) key combinations also work for copy/paste.

3. This will add the condition(s) to the Edit window for the selected function. Examples below for each Condition application.

Scan Condition Window

T/F Column

Alert Window

Data Grid

You can edit, add, clear or delete any conditions to further customize the condition set in the new window.

4. Click OK to apply the condition(s) and run the tool

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