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How to Display Time Frame Shortcuts at the Top of the Chart

By displaying time frames at the top of a chart, shortcuts are created to quickly move from one time frame to another. Here are the steps for setting up which time frames to display.

1. Click any time frame picker in a layout

This displays the full list of time frames available.

Simply click on any time frame in the drop down menu to make that the chart time frame.

2. Select Edit Timeframe Settings at the bottom of the menu

This opens the System Settings menu to the Charts tab which contains the TimeFrame settings.

3. Put a check mark next "Show selected time frames..."

4. Put check marks beside any time frame to be displayed at the top of the chart

5. Click Close to return to the chart

6. Time frames selected now populate the top of the Chart toolbar

To select a time frame, simply click on the time frame desired.

Toggle quickly between the displayed time frames by holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard while using the scroll wheel on the mouse.

Put as many time frames across the top of the chart as desired. The same is true for the drop down TimeFrame picker menu.