How to Set a New Default Watchlist

You can set any WatchList as your Default list to Sort/Filter. Any time you run an EasyScan or Sort in a new window, it will use this default. Here are two different ways to set the default WatchList.

1. In the EasyScan menu

Click the EasyScan icon in the main menu.

Click the WatchList dropdown and select from the WatchList library the list you want to serve as your Default WatchList to Scan. Anytime you sort or filter (scan) in a new window, this WatchList will be used.. (You can change this default anytime you desire.)

2. In a WatchList Window

Left click on the Watchlists button on the main toolbar.

1. Left click on the Watchlists button on the main toolbar.

Select the Watchlist you would like to set as the default list. (You can choose any WatchList as your default.)

2. Left click on the desired watchlist name from the list.

Left click on the menu icon in the top right corner of the WatchList.

3. Left Click on the Change List.Scan Properties button.

Left click on Set this Watchlist as System Default.

4. Left click on "Set Watchlist as System Default".

Alternately, right-click in the open space in the WatchList window and select Set this WatchList as System Default

This list will also be set as the default list to scan when creating a new EasyScan or Sort in new Window