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How to Change the Active Symbol

Here are four ways to change the active symbol being viewed to a different ticker symbol.

  1. The keyboard space bar
  2. Type to search
  3. From a watchlist
  4. From the chart
  5. Keyboard Combination (Ctrl + Scroll)
Using the keyboard space bar

To move symbol-by-symbol through a WatchList simply press the spacebar on the keyboard.


To move symbol-by-symbol in reverse order, press the Ctrl key and press the spacebar on the keyboard.

From a WatchList

Click on any symbol in a WatchList to make that the active symbol.

From the chart

Click the yellow ticker symbol at the top right of the chart.

Type any part of the symbol or company name of the desired stock.

Click on the Symbol/Company Name in the list to make it the active symbol.

Pressing Enter will automatically select the top item in the type to search list.

Keyboard Combination (Ctrl + Scroll)

Hover the mouse cursor over any WatchList in your layout

Hold the Ctrl Key down on your keyboard

Using the scroll wheel on the mouse, move symbol by symbol down/up the WatchList

NOTE; Ctrl + Scroll wheel over a chart changes time frames if they are displayed at the top of the chart.