How to Change the Active Symbol

Here are four ways to change the active symbol being viewed to a different ticker symbol.

  1. The keyboard space bar
  2. Type to search
  3. From a WatchList
  4. From the chart
  5. Keyboard Combination (Ctrl + Scroll)
Using the keyboard space bar

To move symbol-by-symbol through a WatchList simply press the spacebar on the keyboard.


To move symbol-by-symbol in reverse order, press the Ctrl key and press the spacebar on the keyboard.

From a WatchList

Click on any symbol in a WatchList to make that the active symbol.

From the chart

Click the yellow ticker symbol at the top right of the chart.

TC2000 ® Company Test 20.0.7346.23405

Type any part of the symbol or company name of the desired stock.

TC2000 ® Company Test 20.0.7346.23405

Click on the Symbol/Company Name in the list to make it the active symbol.

TC2000 ® Company Test 20.0.7346.23405

Pressing Enter will automatically select the top item in the type to search list.

Keyboard Combination (Ctrl + Scroll)

Hover the mouse cursor over any WatchList in your layout

Hold the Ctrl Key down on your keyboard

Using the scroll wheel on the mouse, move symbol by symbol down/up the WatchList

NOTE; Ctrl + Scroll wheel over a chart changes time frames if they are displayed at the top of the chart.