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How to Save a Chart Condition To The Library

When creating conditions from charted indicators saving to the library allows for reuse of the condition for EasyScans, Sorting, Reports, etc. Here are the steps to saving any condition created on a chart. Note: Saving should be done as the condition is being created.

1. Click Save

When the condition(s) set up is complete, click the Save button.

5.  Click Save Condition to Library.

2. Enter a name and click Save.

The condition will be saved in the Condition Library under the selected name

Enter a name and click Save.

3. Using a saved condition from the Library

To add the saved condition to any chart, as a column, in a Report, etc., click the EasyScan menu button and choose My Condition Sets or My Conditions.

Select the desired condition.

This opens the Condition editor

Choose the desired action from the editor.

"Copy to..." opens a menu to add the condition as a

  1. Copies the condition set to be applied to an item in the current layout
  2. Starts a new condition set with the created condition
  3. Scans by the condition(s) in New Window
  4. Sorts by the condition(s) in New Window
  5. Add condition(s) as a field in a new Report

When you choose Copy Item In Layout it opens target mode which gives the the choices for adding the condition(s) in one of many ways

The "Scan" button opens a new window to the default WatchList and scans the WatchList for stocks that meet the condition selected.