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How To Drag/Drop Indicators to Overlay On A Plot

To save chart real estate or simplify your display, you can overlay multiple indicators in the same pane. Do this easily by using Drag/drop to overlay the indicators.

1. Click the indicator name you wish to overlay in another pane

2. Drag to the pane in which you wish to overlay indicators

An orange square appears in the middle of the target indicator pane.

Release mouse button while hovering over the target pane to overlay dragged indicator.

Note: two scales will now be displayed for the pane (one for each indicator).

Indicators can also be dragged out of an overlay pane and paced on their own by drag/drop.

3. Optional: scale indicators together if they share the same scale

When you overlay two indicators that share the same scale, you can scale them together so that there is only a single scale for the indicator pane. To scale together, right-click on either indicator name in the legend of the pane and choose Scaling from the drop down menu.

In the Scale with drop down, choose the other indicator displayed in the overlay pane.

This places both indicators on the same scale leaving only one scale displayed.

Do not change the scaling unless both indicators share the exact same scale.