How to Share a Data Grid

You can now share items from your TC2000 with others. If that person has TC2000, they will be able to open your shared item(s) in their software. If they do not have TC2000, they will be given the opportunity to download/subscribe in order to see what you are sharing.

You can share symbol lists, WatchList windows, scans, conditions, charts, chart templates, reports, even entire layouts. You will be given the option to share directly to Facebook or Twitter or copy the link to the clipboard. You can email the link to a friend, post on your website or post to your favorite social media feed.

Below is a basic overview of how sharing works. Other Share articles in this section of the Help files will walk you through the detailed steps for sharing.

1. Share a Data Grid from the Report Window

Click the hamburger icon in a Data Grid window

Choose Share WatchList from the menu. This will share the Symbols and the columns in the WatchList.

This creates a unique URL that can be shared with another person via Email, text message, etc. Click Copy to Clipboard to copy URL to the computer clipboard.

Note: Click Post to Facebook or Post to Twitter to use the item in your Social Media acct. (Note: Copy to Clipboard can be done from Windows application only.)

Paste the URL into an email or other communication vehicle to send it to recipient. Once the recipient has the URL for the item you've shared, they will simply click the link to open the dialogue.

The message is brought up in a browser ask the recipient to confirm they want to see the item opened in their TC2000.

The item then opens in their TC2000

The item is stored in their TC2000 in the Shared Item Library. (Click the Shared Items button to see the items shared to you).