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How to Control Visible Chart History

The zoom and pan feature can be controlled from a computer mouse or directly on the chart. Increase or decrease the amount of visible price and indicator history. Easily move back in time and zoom in/out of any period of history available (up to 1500 bars in any time frame).

1. Zoom in/out on the chart using the scroll wheel on your mouse.

2. Zoom the chart with the zoom/pan bar by clicking the left handle of the slider and dragging left (zoom out) or right (zoom in)

3. Pan back in time to show previous history by clicking and dragging the whole slider

4. Use the time span buttons to quickly adjust the visible history to an exact period of time

  • 5y: 5 years
  • 1y: 1 year
  • YTD: year-to-date
  • 6m: 6 months
  • 3m: 3 months
  • 1m: 1 month
  • 1w: 1 week
  • 1d: 1 day
  • Today: the current session's price history

5. Set size parameter for zoom & pan bar

Click Tools menu and select System Settings to open Settings editor

Choose the Charts tab. Put a check mark beside Show TimeSpan Buttons and use the Size slider to adjust the size of the zoom & pan bar. Click Close to finish.