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How To Drag A T/F Column to Color Price Bars

A True/False column is based on a condition(s). That condition can be used to historically color price bars whenever the condition is true. Drag/drop the T/F column (condition) to the price to color any of the 1500 bars based on the criteria.

Click on the T/F Column header with which you want to color price bars

Drag the column header to the price chart

Position the drag over the Green symbol/timeframe label in the price chart legend. (Our example is price crossing up through the bottom Bollinger Band.)

Release the mouse button to apply the conditional color to the price bars

This will open the Edit Color Bar window.

Select the conditional color you want to use on your price bars with the color picker. (You can also name the condition if you choose.) Click OK to apply.

Price bars are now colored by the T/F column condition.

Each bar (in any timeframe) on which the condition is true is now colored by the selected color.

You can drag multiple columns onto price to conditionally color price bars with multiple criteria.