How To Save A Condition Set to the Library

Once a Condition Set has been created, it can be saved to the EasyScan library for reuse. Simply select any Condition Set from the Library to use it for sorting, scanning, reports or alerts.

1. Click Save in the Editing Window

To save the EasyScan to your library click on the diskette icon in the upper right of the EasyScan window.

2. Name the Condition Set

Enter a name and click Save.

3. Add to EasyScan library (click Save)

The Condition Set is now saved to the EasyScan Library.

Enter a name and click Save.

4. Using the Saved Condition Set

Click the EasyScan menu button.

Enter a name and click Save.

Select the desired Condition Set from the menu to open the Conditions in the Editor

Enter a name and click Save.

Apply the condition as desired.

  1. Window in Current Layout (opens target mode with option to choose any window)
  2. New Filtered WatchList (Opens new window with default WatchList and sorts by condition set)
  3. New Market Gauge (summary of scan results over time)
  4. New Market Indicator (historical scan plot)
  5. New True/False Column in WatchList (sortable T/F column in current active WatchList)
  6. New Data Grid (creates new Data Grid with the condition set as an entry)
  7. Copy to Clipboard (copy conditions to computer clipboard for reuse)