How to Edit an Indicator

Edit any indicator to customize parameters such as color, appearance, period, standard deviation, and many other properties.

1. Click on the indicator name in the chart legend to open the Edit menu.

In this example the Bollinger Band indicator is edited. These steps work for editing any indicator plotted on the chart.

1. You can change an Indicators settings by clicking on the title of the indicator you would like to edit.

2. Select Edit from the drop down menu.

2. Select Edit from the menu window.

3. Each Indicator will have a unique set of parameters that can be customized in the Edit menu.

3. Each Indicator will have different fields that can be customized.

In this example:

  • Click plot color to get a palette to change the color of the indicator.
  • Add shading (check the tick box) and set the opacity as desired.
  • Set the indicator period and standard deviation by using the value spinner.
  • Set the Average Type using the drop down menu (Simple, exponential, front weighted, Hull)
  • Use the Line Style drop down to choose between solid, dotted, small dash, large dash.
  • Use the Plot Width drop down to choose from a variety of line widths.
  • Select or create a condition that will color the indicator based on that condition
  • The slider changes the indicator's opacity on the chart.
  • Check the tick box to plot the center line of the indicator
  • Data Source. Select from any plotted indicator to set the source on which this indicator is built.
  • Enter a preferred name in the label field. That name will appear at the top of the chart.

4. Select OK to implement any changes.