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How to Change the Data Source for an Indicator

Change the data source on which an indicator is based. By default most indicators use Price History as the data source. However, it is possible to calculate and plot an indicator based on any other indicator plotted on the chart.

1. Choose the Indicator for which the data source will be changed

In this example the data source of the Stochastics indicator will be changed from price history to On Balance Volume (OBV).

1. Choose the Indicator that you would like to change the data source on.

2. Click the Indicator name in the legend of the pane to open the drop down men

2. Click on the Indicator name.

3. Select Change Data Source from the menu

4. Select the new Data Source for this Indicator from the available indicators in the menu

5. The data source for the selected indicator has now been changed.

In this example, the Stochastics Indicator is now a Stochastics of On Balance Volume (OBV) instead of a Stochastics of Price.