Saving Column Groups

In previous versions of TC2000 you could save all the columns applied to a watchlist as a column set and assign that set to other watchlists or replace the current set of columns with a previously saved set. Starting with TC2000 v23 column sets are now referred to as column groups and you now have the added flexibility of being able to pick and choose which columns you would like to save together and the ability to add more than one group of columns to a watchlist. This organizes them into an outline structure, making it easy to show/hide an entire group of columns rather than each one individually. The outline does not affect anything other than the visual organization of columns. There are many reasons you may wish to keep certain columns "packaged" together in a group. Ultimately, you'll have to think about your own personal methods, but here are some examples to kick-start ideas. You might make a group for each of the following: short-term technical indicators, company fundamentals, my favorite filters, oversold now, my weekly review, etc. Each group can be expanded or collapsed in the outline and shown or hidden in one click. This makes it easy to keep reusable column groups at your fingertips. You may have five columns in a group called "short-term technical indicators." You only look at them in certain trading situations so you keep them hidden and collapsed to save screen real estate, but they are always easy to pop back up.

You can nest groups, which is probably overkill and could get confusing unless you are a very structured person. One good application might be to create a group called "Rarely used column groups." Then you could put a bunch of groups in this section and collapse the outline so it only takes one line.

The best practice is to create a group at the time the need pops into your head. It's easy to do on-the-fly. Name the group and you have a reusable package. You can also drag columns in and out of existing groups.

Column groups can be saved to the library and added back into any watchlist at any time. All properties of each column are retained including visible and filter criteria.

Creating and Saving column groups from the Edit Column and Filters window

1. Click on the "Edit" button at the top of the watchlist

2. Select the columns you would like to group together

You can multi-select columns by holding Shift or Ctrl while clicking on the column name field

3. Right click on one of the highlighted columns and select Create Column Group

4. Name the Group and select OK

5. The Group has now been created

Once the group has been made you can click on the triangle next to the group name to collapse the group. Clicking on the eyeball icon to the left of the group name will toggle on or off column visibility for the entire group

6. To save the group to the column library right click on the group name and select Save Group

7. Hit save to save the group with its current name, or re-name the group then hit Save

From this window you can also elect to save this group as the default column group for any newly opened System, Industry or Personal watchlist.

8. To add a saved column group to the Watchlist click on the add column button

9. Then select Add Column Group

10. Select the group you would like to add

11. The column group has now been added to your watchlist

Creating and Saving column groups from the Watchlist (legacy functionality)

1. Right click on the Add Column button

2. Select Save All Columns as Group.

3. Name the column Group and select Save

From this window you can also elect to save this group as the default column group for the current watchlist or for any newly opened System, Industry , or Personal watchlists.

4. You can replace a column set by right clicking on the add column button

5. Then click on Replace All columns

6. Select the column set you would like to replace them with

7. The column set has now been replaced