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How to Adjust Volume Bars for Volume Spikes (Truncate)

When an unusual amount of volume happens on any given time frame, the resulting volume bar will tend to skew the rest of the volume bars in view. In order to accommodate the large volume bar for the volume spike, the other volume bars become unusually small. This makes volume trends difficult to see. Here are the steps to truncate (adjust) those spike volume bars to maintain a more balanced volume view.

1. Click Volume in the Volume indicator pane

2. Select Edit from the dropdown menu

3. Place a checkmark next to Truncate volume spikes

4. Set the value at which the Volume Spike bars will be truncated

The number represents the multiple above the average volume at which the Volume spike bar will be truncated. The average is based on the volume for the visible bars shown. (e.g. 3 = 3 times the average volume for the visible bars shown)

5. Select the color for the tips of the truncated bars

Each bar that is truncated will have the top of the bar highlighted with the color chosen. This allows you to see which volume bars are affected.