How to Sort a WatchList by a Column

Sort any WatchList by a column's value or condition with one click. A second click will sort in the opposite direction. Descending order places the highest values at the top of the WatchList. Ascending order the smallest values. Sort a condition (check mark) column in descending order to place all the checks at the top of the list.

1. Open the WatchList to be sorted

1. View the WatchList you would like to sort.

2. Left-click on the column header

The WatchList automatically sorts by the column values or condition(s). The blue arrow shows in which direction the sort is ordered.

2. Right-click on the column header.

3. Change Sort Direction

To reverse the direction of the sort, simply left click a second time on the column header.

4. Manually refresh sort

Click on the Re-sort button at the bottom of the WatchList to manually refresh the current sort column and bring the results to current (according to the current service level).