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How to Browse Major Finance Sites for Active Symbol

Sync the TC2000 active symbol (currently viewed symbol) to one or more of the major financial websites. Each time a new symbol is selected in TC2000, the financial website(s) will change to that symbol automatically. Here is how.

1. Click the Notes & News Menu Button

2. Select Browse News Online

This opens a web page in the default browser with a list of the major financial websites that can be synced with the active symbol in TC2000.

3. Select from the list the desired Website to sync to active symbol

This opens the selected website to the desired page with the current active symbol already showing.

4. Change the active symbol

Each time the active symbol is changed in TC2000,  the symbol in any selected website will automatically change to that active symbol.

More than one of these sites can be opened simultaneously. Simply repeat the above sets for each site to be linked.

Click here to view a Tutorial Video demonstrating this feature.