How to Use Tracking Columns

For any Personal WatchList, you can set up tracking columns that allow you to follow the progress of a stock over a period of time. Set up tracking on each stock with entry date and price along number of shares to track the stock's performance. Here are the steps for setting up the tracking columns.

1. Open the Personal WatchList to You Wish to Track

2. Click the Add Column button

3. Choose Add Value Column

4. Select Tracking Columns

In the Search field, type part of the word "tracking". Each of the tracking columns appears in the list.

Select Tracking Date  to add the tracking date (trkDate) column to the WatchList

Repeat these steps for each of the tracking criteria desired

Click the Keep Open check box in the Insert Column box to add all the tracking columns without going back through the add button step.

5. Set Tracking Values

Right click on one of the tracking fields for an individual symbol row

Select Edit Tracking Values for {Sym} from the dropdown menu

Enter Price, Shares and Date from which you desire the stock to be tracked. Click OK to set values in column

Repeat for each stock in WatchList.

6. Review Results

Once the fields have been defined for each symbol in the WatchList, the values will track from the date/price/#shares selected as long as the stock stays in the WatchList.