How to Save a Workspace

A Workspace refers to a group of Layouts (each of which contains multiple tool windows like Charts, more than one WatchList, News and Notes, a User Group window, etc.) A Workspace can be created for any reason, contain up to 20 layouts and be saved/recalled at any time. When a Workspace is opened, any currently viewed layouts are stored in the library and the new Workspace appears. Here are the steps for saving a Workspace.

1. Click the File button in the top menu. Select Save Workspace (All Windows)

2. Name the Workspace

3. Click on the Save button

This places the current Workspace in the Workspace library.

4. Click on the Save button.

4. Open a saved Workspace

Click the File button in the top menu. Choose Open Workspace.

Choose to Save (or not save) current Workspace configuration

Name the Workspace. Click Save. (If saving the workspace)

Choose the desired Workspace from the library to open that Workspace.