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Hot Keys & Keyboard Shortcuts

To jump to a particular stock, just start typing the symbol or the company name and the list will filter automatically.


To add a plot (like an indicator) to the chart, press the forward diagonal (/) key on your keyboard then start typing the name of the indicator.

Chart time frame - you can scroll through time frame settings by holding down CTRL and using the mouse scroll wheel. You can go directly to a time frame using the hot key list below.

Daily - 1
2 days per bar - 2
3 days per bar - 3
4 days per bar - 4
Weekly - 5
6 days per bar - 6
7 days per bar - 7
8 days per bar - 8
Monthly - 9 (toggle)
Quarterly - 9 (toggle)
Yearly - 9 (toggle)
1-minute - Ctrl + 1
2-minute - Ctrl + 2
5-minute - Ctrl +3
15-minute - Ctrl + 4
30-minute - Ctrl + 5
Hourly - Ctrl + 6

Toggle through time frames at the top of the chart Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Wheel

Next symbol in list Spacebar

Previous symbol in list Backspace or Ctrl + Spacebar

Scroll through WatchList symbols Position mouse over WatchList window, Ctrl + mouse scroll wheel

Backspace through history of viewed symbols Backspace

Go to top of watchlist Home

Go to bottom of watchlist End

Flag/Unflag selected symbol(s) Shift-F

Add/remove selected symbol(s) to My Favorites Shift + V

Toggle plot style Ctrl-B (toggles between HLC Bar, OHLC Bar, Candlestick and Line plots)

Move chart backward/forward 1 bar [ and ]

Move chart backward/forward 5 bars Shift-[ and Shift-]

Toggle date pointer Period ( . ) key. Toggles between Off, on and on with data values box

Load chart template F1 - F12. You can edit the templates that the F (function) keys are assigned to by clicking the Chart tab and setting the F keys on individual templates.

*Note: If you're on a Mac, you have to hold down the 'fn' key while press the F key.

Custom Date Sort Shift-T

Write a Note Shift-N

Draw Trendline  Shift-D

Zoom in/out on the chart Mouse scroll wheel

Pan chart backward/forward Shift + mouse scroll wheel

Maximize selected window in layout (chart, watchlist, etc.) Shift + L (repeat Shift + L to return to normal window mode)

Add/Remove Symbol to Personal WatchList Ctrl + M