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How to Change Color Bar Scan Conditions

You can now custom color price bars based on a condition or condition set. This allows you to easily see points on a price chart where the issue met your scan conditions historically. Steps to edit the conditional color bars are below.

*Gold or Platinum service level required.

In a price or indicator Edit menu, click the name of the current color Scan Condition set

The condition/condition set selected now populates the Edit Color Bar window

Select Scan with which to color the price bars. Click the Folder icon to open your condition/condition set library. Select the condition/set you wish to use.  In this example, we will be using an existing condition called Above Avg Price Vol.

(Click here for help selecting existing scan conditions from library.)


Change the color you want to see where the bar meets your condition(s)--optional.

Click on any individual condition to edit the condition.

Click Add Condition (+) to add new conditions to the set

Right click and choose Delete to remove any individual condition. Use the Clear Conditions (X) button to start a new condition set.

Click the Copy icon to copy the condition(s) to your computer clipboard

Click OK to keep the changes. Click Save to place the Scan conditions and new settings into the library

Click OK in the Chart Properties Window

Your price bars are now colored whenever the condition(s) are met for any chart you look at.

Click here to learn more about setting up Condition Color Bars.