How To Manually Sort A Personal WatchList

Any personal WatchList can be sorted manually. This allows the order of the stocks to be controlled by numeric order rather than another sort criteria. Here are the steps to manually order the WatchList.

1. Open the Personal WatchList to be ordered

Click the WatchList picker (drop down menu) in the layout

Select the Personal WatchList category

Select desired WatchList from the directory

Note: the typing shortcut works in any drop down menu in TC2000. Simply start typing in the Search field the name of the item you are looking for.

2. Select the manually sort icon at the top of the WatchList window

Alternately, right-click on the WatchList itself and choose Manually Sort WatchList from the drop down menu

3. Click and drag any stock to arrange the items in any order desired

Symbols can be moved up or down the list and will maintain the order until reordered by another sort.

4. Add a number column to a Personal WatchList

To be able to re-sort in the manually selected order, add a number column. Click the Tools Menu button and select System Settings

In the "General" tab, place a check mark in the tick box next to "Show number column..."

This places a number column in every Personal WatchList.

This step also adds the number column to the My Favorites list which also has the capacity for manual sorting.

Now click and drag any symbol and its number order will be changed.

5. Use number column to sort

If a Personal WatchList is sorted by any other criteria (1), to return to the manually selected order, simply sort by the number column (2).