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How to Set Conditional Alerts on Multiple Stocks

A condition is a desired behavior of an indicator or plot (e.g. price at a new 50-bar high or Stochastics crossing its %D.) An individual condition or more than one condition can be combined to create an alert. Alerts can be set on individual or multiple stocks. Here are the steps to create conditional alerts on multiple stocks.

1. Highlight the symbols on which Alerts will be set

For a list of symbols: click on the first desired symbol, hold the Shift key down on the keyboard and click on the last desired symbol.

For random groups of symbols: click on the first desired symbol, hold the Control (Ctrl) key down on the keyboard and click each desired symbol.

To set a Conditional Alert on a single stock, simply highlight one symbol instead of a list.

2. Right Click on any Shaded Symbol

3. Hover the mouse over Set Alert (x syms). Select Condition from the drop down menu.

4. Create the Alert Condition(s)

Click Add Condition in the Alert menu to open the condition wizard. Select Choose Condition(s).

Use the typing shortcut in the Search field to find the desired criteria

Select criteria

Use the Condition Editor to set the desired parameters (this example is price crossing up through 50 SMA).

This adds the condition to the Set Alert menu.

Click Add Condition to add more conditions and create a Condition Set. The entire set of conditions would have to be met for the Alert to be fired.

5. Name and Describe Alert

Name and create a description for the Alert. When an Alert is delivered (via text, email, pop-up message in software) the description you create will be included.

6. Set Alert Details

Set Restart Parameters to restart alert after it initially fires:

  • Place a checkmark next to Restart...
  • Select a time to automatically restart alert

Set maximum time for alert to be monitored

Choose Notification settings:

  • Use default settings (using the previously created user-defined settings)
  • Create new settings (using specific user-defined settings for this alert)

Click OK to set Condition alert on the selected symbols.

For more on Notification Settings, click here.

7. Review Alerts in Alert Console

To review the set alerts on the list of stocks, click on the Alerts button in the Main Menu

Select Alert Console

The Alerts set will appear at the top of the Alert console with full details about the Alerts.

NOTE: the maximum alerts that can be monitored at the same time depends on the service level of your TC2000 subscription. Silver: 5 maximum; Gold: 100 maximum; Platinum: 1,000 maximum.