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How To Drag/Drop Indicators to Pin Them

You can drag/drop any indicator to Pin it aside. This allows you to remove it from visible display but not delete the indicator from your chart template. When you're ready to use the indicator again, just click on the "pin" or drag the chart back to a visible position on the chart.

1. Click the indicator name in the legend of the pane you want to Pin

2. Drag the indicator to the Pin icon that pops up on the chart.

The pin icon appears as you drag to the left edge of the chart either 1) in the indicator's own pane or 2) any other pane on the chart.

3. Release the mouse button while hovering over the Pin icon to pin the indicator to the top left side of the chart

4. To restore display of the pinned indicator:

Click on the pinned indicator to return it to its previous positions on the chart.

Drag/drop the pinned indicator to a new position on the chart.

You can pin multiple indicators to save for later use.