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How to Set or Change Time Frames in a Condition Set

Out of the box, TC2000 assumes that when you are building a Condition Set you want all of the multiple conditions to be in the same time frame (e.g. daily, hourly, weekly). This is the program's default mode for multiple conditions. You do have the choice to mix and match timeframes in your condition sets if you prefer. Instructions are below.

*Gold or Platinum service levels required

1. Using a Single TimeFrame for All Conditions

Open a Condition Edit Window

Use the time frame picker to set the time frame for you condition(s)

Your conditions will all be run in the selected timeframe. No timeframe will show next to the condition in the edit window or be available in the Condition Editor.

Note: This time frame option shows in each Condition Edit window. See examples below of 1) Sort; 2) Alert; 3) Data Grid. (Note: the time frame picker for a Filter is at the top of the WatchList window allowing you to switch timeframes for your filter(s) on the fly).

2. Using Mixed TimeFrames for Conditions

Change setting to mixed timeframes by clicking the radial button (in any Edit Condition window)

This allows each condition you create to be in its own time frame.

A timeframe picker will now show for each condition in the edit window

Timeframes no longer need to be saved with conditions. They can be, but it’s not necessary and by default they are not. There are many advantages:

  • You don’t have to decide the timeframe of a condition when you design it.
  • If you want to use the condition on three different timeframes, you don’t need to save three versions of it. Just save it once.
  • You apply timeframes to conditions at the time you use them, just like the timeframe picker on your charts.
  • This makes it convenient to switch timeframes on your scans without having to open and edit your conditions every time.
  • Timeframes can now be linked between scans and charts so your scan results automatically match your charts.

By default, conditions are saved without timeframes. If you wish to keep hard timeframes on your conditions, check the box “Use mixed timeframes”. This will allow you to save a specific timeframe for each condition in a set.