How To Set A Trendline Alert

Alerts can be set on price points, trendlines, EasyScans, indicator conditions and even as reminders. There are pop-up and audio alerts within the software. Alert email and text messages are also available. (Alerts are available in all levels of service as follows: 5 simultaneously monitored alerts in Silver; 100 simultaneously monitored alerts in Gold; 1000 simultaneously monitored alerts in Platinum.) Note: delayed data also means delayed alerts. Real-time data provides real-time alerts.

Here are the steps for setting up a trendline alert.

From a drawn trendline

1. Click on the trendline on which alert is to be set.

Click here to learn more about drawing a Trendline.

2. In the drop down menu, click Set Alert


Set Restart Parameters to restart alert after it initially fires:

  • Place a checkmark next to Restart...
  • Select a time to automatically restart alert

Set maximum time for alert to be monitored

Create a description of alert. (This will appear in notifications received.)

Choose Notification settings:

  • Use default settings (using the previously created user-defined settings)
  • Create new settings (using specific user-defined settings for this alert)

Click OK to set trendline alert.

When clicking on Trendline in the Alerts ribbon menu or Alert Console (New Alert), user is instructed to draw a trendline and set alert from that trendline (according to the steps outlined above. These steps are the only way to set a Trendline Alert.)

Click here for steps to set up email alert notifications.  Click here for steps to set up text message alert notifications.